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Homemade Soaps – Cleansing Your Body the Natural Way

homemade soaps benefits for skin
Homemade Soaps Homemade soaps are better than commercially available soaps. They are gentler and cheaper than the commercially produced soaps on the market, and they don’t have the harmful chemicals are found in commercially produced soaps. The main ingredients in making soaps are animal fat or vegetable oil. The commercially produced soaps usually use animal fat as their main ingredient,...

Difference between Commercial Soap and Handmade Soap

commercial soap and handmade soap
Commercial Soap and Handmade Soap The majority of people are unaware of the difference between commercial soap and handmade soap. Some people have never even heard of handmade soap, much less realize the benefits of natural handmade soap. Most of us have grown up buying commercial soap from supermarkets and selecting products wholly based on fragrance; after a few uses, we...