Soy Candle Making and How to use Soybean Candles

Soybean Candles

Soybean candles are becoming increasingly popular. Many people love these candles for their excellent features. They have a better burn quality and are derived from natural sources. It is also eco-friendly and a renewable resource. They may be expensive compared to candles made of paraffin wax, but they are still attractive to enthusiasts and candle lovers. Soy candles are made from melted and molded soybean wax. You can get soybean wax in a block form or flake form, which is easier to handle with melting and molding.

soybean candles

Making soybean candles is like making paraffin wax candles. Soy wax, made from hydrogenated soybean oil derived from soybean flakes, is used to make soybean candles. Soybean candles are slightly more expensive than regular wax candles because of the higher quality of the wax used in their production, but that does not stop people from purchasing these beautiful candles.

However, to avoid injury or accidents, it is critical to understand how to handle these candles.

You shall take care of even the small things. If you buy these candles in a store, for example, make sure you have removed the packaging before using them. We should only use these soybean candles when we have proper supporting equipment, like a holder on a surface that should be dry and heat resistant.

If this is your first time using a soy candle, let it burn for around an hour for every single inch of the diameter of the candle to generate a complete wax pool. By using this, you can increase your scent throw.

soybean wax

Soy candle making is becoming increasingly popular because soy candles produce less soot than paraffin wax candles. Soy candles should light in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that soybean candles are not light in drafts. Keep these candles at a safe distance away from flammable items. There should be at least 15 cm of space between two consecutive Soybean candles. Make sure that the candles are beyond the reach of kids and pets. We should not leave any soy candle burning without having eyes on it.

If you are burning soy candles, then the frame should not flicker. The flame should remain still. You can use a wick-dipped wick to ensure that your soy candles do not smoke. First, push the soy candles to wick into a wax pool with the help of a wick dipper. Now pulls it up. Ensure that we trim the wick of the soy candle to no less than 5 mm. A trimmed soybean candle burns for at least 30% longer.

If, even after taking the precautions, a soybean candle smokes first, immediately extinguish it and recheck the draft area. Trim the wick and remove the extra wick from the candle. You can wait until the wax on the soy candle hardens and cools before re-lighting it. You cannot decompose the unwanted soy candle wax under the sink; it may cause clogs. Discard the wax. The wick of the candle should always be in the center. To ensure security, extinguish the soy candle at least 1/4 inch from the bottom and don’t try to re-light it.

natural soybean candles

Soybean candles, made from soy candle wax, are derived from vegetable oil compared to paraffin wax, which falls under the category of a petroleum product. Because these soy candles are not as strong as paraffin candles, the walls of soybean candles can break easily compared to paraffin candles when pressure applies to them. Prevent soybean candles from being in direct sunlight for a long time. We should not heat the candles above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the most out of soy candles, store them in a cool and dry place. Have fun with soy candle-making.

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