Handmade Hand Soap – Make your Handmade Hand Soap

Handmade Hand Soap

Making hand soap is an excellent way to reduce spending. Handmade hand soap can serve many purposes, everything from a gentle hand cleanser for those with easily irritated skin to an anti-bacterial removal that will help to prevent the spread of germs at home or in the workplace. Handmade hand soap stored in an attractive dispenser is also a convenient way to eliminate the aesthetic annoyance of those unappealing-looking melting soap bars on a bathroom or kitchen countertop.

Hand soaps can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them to clean tiny dirt particles or tiny screw-ups on a clean table. You can take a bath using them (provided that the soap you made is not for kitchen use, cleaning cookware grime, etc.) And, of course, the most obvious. You can use them to soap, wash, and disinfect your hands.


organic handmade hand soap

Handmade soap is also a more eco-friendly option. Plastic bottles can be refilled with soap, which helps to conserve the paper used to wrap traditional bar soaps. Handmade soap is also an excellent alternative for anyone who prefers a fresh product with each use. Many liquid soaps are so mild that they can be used in place of shampoo! The best part is that making hand soap is easy, affordable, and fun.

The traditional method of making this type of soap most often requires melting a bar of soap, adding glycerin and water, stirring, and adding more water. This soap is simple to personalize by adding essential oils, a pale colorant, and an appealing container. This simple process can be made even simpler with soap bases specifically designed to create liquid soap.

For your soap creations, you can choose from a variety of readily available soap bases. Here are some of the different liquid soap bases that can help you save time, money, and effort. Many soap bases are available as concentrates, while others are fully prepared and only require the addition of fragrance oil to make your soap unique.

Liquid Crystal Suspension Bases

You need only add coloring or fragrance to get creative with this type of base. These bases create an ideal lathering and cleansing product. This soap base often includes jojoba oil, mica, and bubbles to increase that fresh feeling. Read descriptions to find the product that most closely matches your hand soap requirements.

Pure Vegetable Castile Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap Base

This liquid soap base is ideal for making a multi-purpose hand soap that is gentle on the skin. This type of base foams well and is mild and non-irritating to almost all skin types. It can be used as a base for hand soap, body washes, or a pinch, Which can be an excellent shampoo alternative.

Organic Liquid Soap Bases

Check the organic content of these bases, and you discover that some offer nearly 82% organic content. These bases protect the environment through natural ingredients that do not require chemicals or harmful farming methods. These types of soap bases are gentle and excellent for smoothing and soothing the skin. Add a bit of olive oil, and you have a wonderful hand-softening liquid soap.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Base

natural handmade soap

These bases are the perfect choice for tough dirt, cutting through grease, and providing protection from germs. The anti-bacterial properties are included, and you need only dilute, add fragrance, and add a little color if you like to produce a very effective hand soap.

When considering the many uses of homemade hand soap and the fact that an array of bases is readily available, it certainly is a great idea to make some homemade hand soap. Be creative and use it for holiday gifts, treats for yourself, or a thoughtful “thinking of you” gift for co-workers and friends.

Be creative and make some handmade hand soap very soon!

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