Beginners guide to Candle Making Tools | Important Tools for Candle Making

Candle Making Tools

Most craftspeople usually need a certain amount of tools for their trade. Candle making is no exception to this, as you are going to need a few basic and relatively inexpensive tools.

It is wonderful. This hobby is inexpensive to start. You have the opportunity to relax and create something that will bring some happiness to yourself or somebody you gave the candle to as a gift.

candle making equipments

If you have been thinking about making candles, you should know that there are specific tools and supplies you’re going to need. The good news is that these don’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, especially if you don’t plan on mass-producing candles for sale. Either way, here’s a quick look at some of the most important candle making tools.

Basic Candle Making Tools

Molds and Sprayscandle molds are important. You’ll want to go with aluminum or steel for safety. Candle mold removal spray will make the candle come out a lot easier.

Measuring Cuplarge heat-resistant glass cup which you could use to pour melted wax.

measuring cup in candle making

Wicks and Holders – Wicks, as well as a wick holder bar, are required. Both are easily picked up at any quality candle shop, or you can find them online.

Colors – there are quite a few easy options for solid color candles, but there are also many effects you can pull off.

Candle Thermometer – bring melted wax to the proper temperature and stabilize until ready to pour.

Wax – This is an essential ingredient and not a tool, but while we’re talking candles, start with soy-based wax – available in large blocks or pieces.

Oven Mitts – You’re going to be working with hot wax – these are important for safety.

Double boiler or two pots – To safely melt the wax, use a double boiler or two pots, One of which fits into the other.

Hammer & Meat cleaver – To cut paraffin wax comes in slabs and needs to be chopped up. Stand the slab on its longest narrow side, position the meat cleaver about an inch from the edge and gently tap it with the hammer to break it up.

Digital Scale – You’ll need a digital kitchen scale because wax and fragrance oil are measured by weight rather than volume.

Measuring Spoons on the ring – get a bunch and use a different one with each dye you use.

Box cutter – cut wax, wicks, and any other cutting needs.

Stirring Stick – Disposable bamboo skewers work great for stirring the wax. They can also be wiped clean with a paper towel and used again.

Containers – Several sizes for general use.

Mold Sealant – for closing parting lines or other holes in the mold.

paper towel in candle making

Paper Towels – After pouring the wax, immediately wipe out the pouring pitcher with paper towels to remove as much wax residue as possible.

Scissors – trim candle wicks.

Plastic garbage Bag – Cut it open, spread it out contains any mess for easy cleanup.

Pencil or a stiff wire – hold wicks in place while pouring wax.

Release agent – spray into a mold to help remove the candle after it has been set up.

Tape Measure – measure candles and wick dimensions.

Scents – When it comes to fragrances, you’re going to want to research more to ensure your candles are safe. There are a lot of scents to choose from when making candles.

Chisel and Mallet – Carving a candle can make it unique – and worth more – especially in the hands of an artist. Browsing the web, you can see a lot of great ideas for carving candles decoratively.

Fire Extinguisher – Always be safe. Never pour water onto a wax fire. Use a fire extinguisher rated for grease fires.

Friends and Strangers – You’re going to need friends and strangers to give you honest opinions about your candles. Think about throwing a candle party to show off your candles – giving away samples or even taking orders.

candle making kit online

Another option open to you is buying a candle-making kit. This way you, will not need to worry about forgetting something as usually the supplier will have someone with a lot of knowledge-making and packing the kits.

The beauty of this is you will get all the materials you need. They will give you properly sized wicks. This is an easy method to make candles until you get enough confidence and knowledge to buy yourself.

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