How to make Goat Milk Soap at Home

Goat Milk Soap

Those who enjoy making their soap at home can add a healthy twist to their recipe by using goat milk. Your skin will thank you for the soft, gentle texture and the vitamins and other beneficial substances you wash up every time. In this article, we will know how to make goat milk soap at home.

homemade goat milk soap

Goat milk soap is pH balanced and contains natural Vitamins A and E making it the best choice for sensitive skin because it is gentle, is free of harsh chemicals usually found in skincare products. It helps maintain a clear complexion and aids in rebuilding connective tissue, which is essential in skin regeneration and anti-aging.

Although your homemade process may not know professional suppliers, you can make your soap at home. Almost as easy as making regular handmade soap because all you need to do is substitute goat’s milk for the water you would otherwise add to the lye.

Before starting the goat milk soap recipe, you need soap-making tools like stainless steel bowl, regular bowls, stainless steel pot, digital scale, stainless steel spoons, candy thermometer, soap mold, freezer paper, knife, safety glasses, and gloves.

For a small batch of goat milk soap, you need 9.25 oz. of olive oil, 6 oz. of coconut oil, 4.5 oz. of palm oil, half an oz. of Shea butter, 2.9 oz. of lye, and 6.75 oz. of fresh goat milk. The fresh goat milk is, the better this will be. We do not recommend using frozen goat’s milk, powder, or essence.

Warm the solid oils over low heat until melted. After that has melted, reduce the heat to low and add the lye. First, place the milk in the stainless steel bowl, then stick the bowl in a sink full of ice. Put on your gloves and glasses and carefully add the lye, and stir. There will be a strong reaction, and the mixture will turn a slightly orange color. The milk reacts with lye slightly different from water, hence the color change. Once you’ve mixed the lye and milk, keep the bowl in the ice, it works to reduce the brightness of the orange.

goat milk soap making guide

When that is complete and the solid oils are melted, add the liquid oils to the pot and heat the mixture to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the lye solution has cooled sufficiently, add it to the oils slowly and use the stick blender to mix it until smooth. After about five minutes, the mixture will resemble pancake batter. Pour the mixture into a block mold, loosely cover it with a towel or place it in a box while it cools overnight. You can then cut the soap into bars and let them harden for 4 weeks.

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