What are Bath Salts? How to make Bath Salts at Home?

Bath Salts

This article will answer your questions about the therapeutic claims of natural bath salts, how they differ from table salts, and how to make natural bath salts.

What are the therapeutic claims of natural bath salts?

The therapeutic claims of seawater have been known for many years. Seawater can reduce infections and can relieve some types of pain. Seawater produces the so-called “sea salt” that contains natural ingredients; sea salt is considered the best bath salt.

Seawater salts can be an excellent therapy for various skin problems, such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, and other dry skin conditions. Sea salt can detoxify the body and clean the pores on the skin, thus keeping the skin clean and fresh.

herbal bath salts

It only means that a seawater bath can help to remove waste materials from the body, making it a comfortable and soothing way to detoxify our bodies. When essential oils and natural herbs are added to sea salts, it can make your bathing experience relaxing and can improve your wellness as well.

Table salts cannot be used as natural bath salts. Table salts are not considered natural bath salts. In refining sea salts, manufacturers remove the so-called impurities and the essential minerals by refining them, thus making the salt fine and crystal-like.

This final left-over crystal is white and tastes salty, and we call it “table salt.” The reason table salt is not used for baths is simply that it is so concentrated that it is very harsh on our skin. When consumed improperly, table salt can also cause harm to our bodies.

The Best Bath Salts are All-Natural.

Natural bath salts are considered the best because they contain natural minerals that are good for one’s skin. The Bay of Brittany, France, offers the best source of natural bath salts because this area is well known for its great wealth of algae, plankton, and rich sea life. Salt in this area is sun-dried and hand-harvested, using age-old harvesting methods that preserve the vital elements.

This salt is rich in minerals, organic compounds, microscopic algae, phytoplankton, and other trace elements. These natural salts are beneficial to us in ways we don’t understand and cannot measure. They are simply good for us.

How to make natural bath salts?

Instead of buying highly commercialized bath salts, why not try making natural bath salts? It is easy to do. Creating bath salts for yourself, family, friends, or even business takes a little time and a small amount of money. Aside from that, you are also in control of what ingredients you use. The therapeutic benefits of bath salts combined with the relaxing effects of natural essential oils and herbs can give you an excellent bathing experience.

bath salts benefits

To make your bath salts, buy the ingredients listed below and follow the instructions properly. Here is a simple but scented natural bath salts recipe for you.

You will need 15-30 drops of essential oil of your own choice and 16 ounces of all-natural bath salt. Now, making is very simple. In a mixing bowl filled with natural bath salt, add a few drops of essential oil and mix it thoroughly.

After that, store the finished product in an airtight container. You can also add natural herbs or artificial coloring. You can pour 1/2 cup of scented bath salts into your bathtub for a relaxing and luxurious experience.

For more variations of natural bath salts, you can check out other recipes online or better make your natural bath salts recipe. Creating your own unique bath salt recipe can be as simple as adding essential oils to bath salts, but adding dried herbs, colorants, and other natural ingredients makes the possibilities endless.

Natural bath salts: a perfect recipe for relaxing

Natural bath salt infused with natural plant-based aromatherapy like eucalyptus or peppermint and sprinkled with organic herbal extracts of chamomile can relax your entire body and can have a soothing effect on your mind.

himalayan bath salt

Continue to learn more about the health benefits of essential oils, herbs, and natural bath salts, and discover for yourself how these little things can help you relax and unwind after a day full of stress and work.

Making natural bath salts is very easy to do and truly rewarding. But more than that, natural bath salts are proven to be good and can have beneficial effects on your body and mind; they can even relieve minor pains and a few skin diseases. Natural bath salts can make a sensible difference in your bathing experience. Indulge and pamper yourself with your homemade bath salts.

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