Make Money on Soap Making – How to start Soap Making Business

Make Money on Soap Making

Soap-making can be a very profitable craft business. Soap is simple and easy to make, small and light to carry markets and/or shops or post if selling online, and the ingredients can be cheap if you hunt around. Especially if you buy them in bulk and it’s good to have a tax number to get great discounts on products.

make money on soap making

There seem to be many different types of soaps you can make, and you may create your unique soap with color, fragrance, and other soap-making ingredients of your choice. You might want a soft and gentle soap appropriate to use on your face, or you may need an effective soap to remove oil, dirt off the hands, etc. Handmade soap bars can also make great inexpensive gifts and are great to sell as well.

Most local markets have soap stands and appear to be very popular. As always, it pays to do your homework first. Check out your nearby market, and see what people sell and if their stands are well-known. Given that soap can be classified as consumable, it usually is a popular item to sell. We will see how to make money on soap making using some simple tips.

Special Offers

offers on soap selling

There would be no point in buying all your ingredients and making soap bars to sell at $5 to make a profit when the next-door stalls are available to sell their soap bars for 3 dollars. Also if there are many stands all selling the same things then you’d have a much more powerful competition and either wouldn’t sell a lot or would need something that stands out to entice people to buy from you instead of somewhere else. Such as making special offers like buy 2 and get 3 free. The same principles apply to online. Have a look at other websites selling soap and get a feel for what they sell, how much they sell for, and what special deals they provide.

Unique shapes

Creating unique soaps could give you a great benefit as well. Instead of just rectangle bars of soap, you could learn various methods of mixing colors, so you have swirls of two or more colors in your bars. Molds are also excellent and can aim at a specific market. For example, making animal-shaped soaps may attract parents to buy that soap for their child, or they could love animals and splash out on them or for a gift.

different types of soap molds

Molds come in many shapes and sizes of birds, animals, flowers, cars, houses, words, footballs, etc., and the list goes on. Also, molds are fantastic to double up using for candle making and soap.

Sell through Websites and Apps

Another great trick to standing out from the pack is to focus on a targeted market. You will make mild soaps ideal for babies and display a sign with your soap, attracting parents to purchase your special baby soap. Also, you could go online forums and babies-orientated websites, apps, social sites and get the business and your soap well known.

You need to check first that advertising is allowed. If not, you could chat about your handmade soap and have your website link somewhere on the page. Another angle could attract technicians and advertise your great super-tough grit soap that gets essential oil off easily without drying out hands as natural ingredients are used. These are just two ideas on what markets you could aim for in this. If you put your mind to it, you could make many specialized soaps. Also, people are often willing to pay extra for something tailor-made to do the job they specifically want.

As always, it pays to check what insurance you will need to protect yourself, such as public liability. Additionally, you need to show what ingredients you’re using just in case someone has an allergic reaction to something it’s listed. A local business office and/or local government office/website can help you with information on this.

make money on soap making online

Selling soaps online can also be a profitable craft business. However, you can’t smell nor feel soap via a computer monitor. So it would be a good idea to have your soaps for sale in shops/local markets, etc., as well as your website information onto it welcoming orders.

Free Samples

Another idea would be to offer free samples for people to try making sure you don’t blow your budget too much to attract people to buy or even have contests on your website where people can win free soap, again and again, getting your soap out there and known.

Natural Ingredients

There are large numbers of different kinds of soaps you can make and various processes to make it. Often natural essential oils are used, fruit and plant oils, colorings, natural defoliants, such as oatmeal, and many more ingredients. Then there is the part to making the soap and allowing it to cure and the various methods of displaying it such as cutting your soap into shapes to use molds for unique forms to stamping the soap for a distinctive touch, getting your business name as an emblem on it.

Business card

business card on soap selling

This way, after someone repeatedly sees your business name, it may jog his, her memory to purchase from you again. Also, attaching a business card with your soap wrapped in a pretty cellphone is a good idea for repeat business.

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