What are Bath Bombs? What are the uses of Bath Bombs

What are Bath Bombs

What are bath bombs? Do they explode? Are they weapons of mass destruction secretly disguised as bath goodies? Well, I assure you they’re not. They’re cute and nifty if you ask me.

Bath bombs are rounded masses or balls that fizzle when placed in water, partly or entirely dissolve, and produce bubbles. Bath bombs are one form of bath fizzes and are so called because they create a fizzing sound or a continuous crackling sound when they react with water.

what are bath bombs used for

Bath bombs usually come as balls or tablets in different sizes, unlike fizzes, which come in granular form. Bath bombs, depending on their size, can either dissolve entirely in about a minute or be reused for another bath or two.

Uses of Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can be used for therapeutic purposes because they contain essential oils that have a variety of benefits.

Bath bombs usually contain essential oils. Some other additives, like sea salt, for an added cleansing effect. Because of the additives used in creating these fancy little balls, bath bombs are commonly used for therapeutic purposes. The following are some essential oils used in making bath bombs and their effects:

Lavender oil to help bathers relax, calm down, or get rid of stress.
Sweet almond oil or sunflower oil can help moisturize the skin.
Avocado oil or wheat germ oil can heal and soothe damaged skin.

what are the benefits of bath bombs

Bath fizzes or bath bombs can serve as inexpensive gifts for people who need to be pampered or who need a calming or invigorating soak. They can also make bath time fun for kids because the bath bombs will swirl, twirl, and spin around in the bathtub while releasing that fizzing sound and their skin-softening oils.

Yes, bath bombs can be used even by kids because they contain essential oils that can rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling soft. It might even be better for them since most bath salts or bubble baths on the market contain synthetic oils and chemicals that do nothing to keep their young skin healthy.

Composition of Bath Bombs

bath bomb advantages

Bath bombs or fizzes are usually made of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), citric acid or organic acid, cornstarch, Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate. For added scent, most bath bombs are made with fragrance oils. While some bath bombs come in different colors and are made with ordinary food coloring, there are those made with skin-safe glitter. There are also some herbal bombs wherein herbs or dried flowers are sprinkled on top or embedded inside the bomb, adding to its relaxing properties when released.

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