How to Choose Right Soap Molds? Different Types of Soap Molds

Soap Molds

Soap-making is one of the most popular craft-making activities today because there are a lot of soap-making recipes available online, and the ingredients needed are easy to find. Homemade soaps are perfect as gifts and are great ideas for a business.

However, when making soaps, there are some things that you must consider, like how you are going to choose soap molds supplies, how to add the ingredients, specific ways of stirring the mixture, and what specific soap molds and cutters you are going to use.

Soap Mold Types

Soap molds and cutters can make homemade soaps more artistic and appealing. There are a lot of commercial soap molds you can buy, or you can make your soap molds.

When looking for the correct soap molds, you must first know the type of soap-making procedure you are going to employ. Make sure the molder you’re going to use is heat and lye resistant if you’re going to use the heat soap-making procedure or the lye soap-making procedure.

When planning to use either of the procedures mentioned above, the best advice is to use a Pyrex glass molder. Glass or ceramic molds can’t stand the high heat, so it is better not to use them. If you use glass or ceramic molders, these molders may not last a long time, so you will end up spending a lot.

The best choice for the cold soap-making process is to use wooden or plastic soap molds because these two are more flexible compared to glass or ceramic. It is easy to unmold handmade soap without damaging it if you use wooden or plastic molders.

Again, if you choose to use heat in soap-making, use microwave plastic that is heat resistant. Stainless molders will be a great choice; they’re not flexible like plastic, but it is heat resistant.

Use only the soap molds as soap molders; do not use them again in your kitchen for other purposes. Since you will use strong additives like essential oils, boric acid, and lye, you should not intend to use those soap molds for cooking or baking.

Types of soap molds you can choose from

To add elegance and appreciate your homemade soaps more, you need to pour them into your soap mold trays to get the final shape that you desire. Molding your handmade soaps is the best part of the soap-making process. You can devise or make your soap molds trays or buy soap molds wholesale at the local crafts supplier in your place.

Silicone soap mold uses

But the task doesn’t end with looking for and buying the molds; you still need to know the types of soap-making molds you can choose from. For size and shape, the following types of molds are available: customized molds, innovative log soap molds, standard bar soap molds, and unique novelty molds; you can buy these soap molds wholesale at your trusted store. Indeed, there is a wide range of soap molds and supplies you can choose from you. Just need to be artistic in choosing.

When purchasing soap molders, you must also consider the type of soap-making process you will use. Here are the basic types of soap molders that can help you choose the right one:

Wooden Soap Molds

Wooden Soap Mold uses

First are wooden soap molds. They’re a traditional type of molder. Usually, the shape is box-like and made of wood. Before pouring the soap mixture, you must line the molder with wax paper to prevent the soap from sticking to the wood. The wooden molder has hinges on two sides to easily open the box to unmold the soap.

Silicone Soap Molds

The second is silicone soap molds. This is the latest trend in soap making. Silicone molds are popular because they are very flexible, non-stick, durable, and heat resistant. Most customized soap molders are usually made of silicone.

Basic Soap Mold

The third is basic soap mold. This soap mold is the least expensive among the three basically because it is made of plastic. This kind of molder is only good for cold process soaps. However, if the plastic mold is labeled. As microwave-safe, you may use it for heat-processed soaps.

soap mold types and their uses

If you do not have enough money to buy molders, you can make your soap mold. There are a lot of materials that you can use; you need to be creative and artistic. Soap molds can make a big difference in the way your homemade soaps look, especially if you plan to sell them or give them away as gifts. Just follow the simple guidelines, and for sure, you will never go wrong in choosing the perfect soap molder for your soap-making project.

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